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Products / Services Offered

We offer a wide range of security and network solutions based on our clients’ needs. We’re an authorized reseller of WeBoost® and Wilson Pro™ products, which are industry-leading brands with sterling reputations. From advanced surveillance systems to private networks, we have everything you need to stay secure and connected at all times.

  • Wireless Networks (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Camera Surveillance Systems
  • Residential/Commercial Alarm Systems
  • Smart Home (Automation)
  • Networking/Services
  • Antenna Installs
  • Wireless Internet (LTE)
  • Cellular Boosters (Boost All Major Carriers)
  • Mobile Boosters for any Vehicles
  • Cellular Repeaters for Large & Outdoor Areas
  • Tank / Fluid / Fuel Monitoring System 
  • Fleet Management 

Where Coverage Matters

DirSolutions L.L.C. continuously works with you to provide the best coverage where you need it most. We specialize in the installation of cellular boosters that will provide a reliable connection in the most remote location. The boosters we install work with all major carriers to support both voice and LTE data. Our company also offers repeater solutions that will provide cellular coverage for any large facility or outdoor setting. As a reseller and installer of WeBoost & WilsonPro products, we have you covered with a mobile solution for your personal, recreational, or company fleet vehicle.

If you have any questions, please contact us today. 

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